JC06 Hogtied & Whipped


This was inevitable. Jenni Czech is not satisfied with slave #1 cleaning of the bathroom. It's time for some restraint and discipline. Full description →

Duration: 17 minutes
Size: 846 MB
File info: 1280×720 HD, 6.5 Mbps

Released on: 17/Nov/2016

Product Description

This was inevitable. Jenni Czech is not satisfied with slave #1’s cleaning of the bathroom. It’s time for some restraint and discipline.

Jenni hogties her unworthy slave masterfully, so that he cannot move his limbs at all. Jenni’s clever dominance comes into play as she is tying slave #1 up. She says “some girls have barbies, but I have you”. As Jenni is straddling her slave’s head while tying his wrists, she decides to make the rope shorter calling him “a small man”, but then laughs it off and says, “‘Man’… Yeah, that was a good joke.” After she is done, Jenni takes a photo of him in bondage on her phone and tells him that she will send it to his mummy.

Then the painful part begins. Jenni uses the whip on slave #1 back, chest, legs and bare feet first slowly, then with increasing intensity until his body is covered with marks. She enjoys every second of it, making fun of him and scaring him with swings in front of his face. After she is done satisfying her sadism, she leaves him be and tells him to escape on his own. In pain, ball-gagged and blindfolded, slave #1 tries unsuccessfully to free his limbs, breathing heavily, laying on his stomach, against the ironic backdrop of the pink sign that reads “Princess”.


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