JC20 Wrestling Mistress


Mistress Jenni puts her slave #2 in various painful wrestling holds including vicious headscissors, tight neck-straddling pins and back-breaker holds, testing his pain threshold while training her wrestling skills. Full description →

Duration: 11 minutes
Size: 551 MB
File info: 1280×720 HD, 6.9 Mbps

Released on: 13/Jan/2017

Product Description

Sometimes Jenni Czech needs to exercise and train her wrestling skills on her slaves. Today her victim is slave #2.

Jenni tells him to attack her, and as he fails, his demise beings. She puts him in various brutal headscissor holds, constricting the blood supply to his brain, tight neck-straddling pins, a camel clutch, lotus lock and even a boston crab, making him submit by saying “please stop, my Mistress” every time.


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